An application of GIS WebServer SE for displaying weather forecast in Bulgaria

Using software from KB "Panorama", "Geodetect Ltd." have developed integrated technology for gathering, processing, cartographical visualisation and Internet publishing of weather data in Bulgaria. The system applies automated requests for all the weather stations and creates regular matrices from the response data. These matrices are created in GIS Map 2011 using Kriging and Cokriging interpollation methods. Daily results have been stored in different folders and GIS WebService SE takes care about their Internet publishing according to WMS protocol. Online data access is provided by a geoportal, based on GIS WebServer SE.

Pleven City Centre - orthoimages and 3D model
of mausoleum ossuary "St. George" (video)

GIS "Panorama" version 12 is certified for use as software products in construction
The certification body for software products in construction issued a certificate of conformity No. RA.RU. AB86.H01044 for the program complex "Panorama". The general requirements for the safety of buildings and constructions, as well as the design processes associated with buildings and constructions (including engineering surveys), constructing, installation, commissioning, operation and disposal (demolition) are defined in Federal Law No.384-FZ of December 30, 2009 "Technical Regulations on the safety of buildings and structures". The program complex "Panorama" is certified for compliance with the normative documents defined by No.384-FZ and GOST R of the series ISO, ISO/IEC.
Software the GIS "Panorama", "Panorama-editor", GIS Panorama Mini, "Complex of geodetic calculations", "Complex of geological tasks", "Complex of hydrological tasks" and "Complex of urban-planning tasks" correspond to the sections and clauses of normative documents specified in the conclusion to the certificate. A set of programs for creating and editing digital maps and city plans, processing of remote sensing data, maintaining a digital classifier, processing geodetic measurements and calculations, processing geological and environmental research materials, building 3D models, preparing project graphic documents in electronic and printed form has undergone a comprehensive check. The tasks solved by the software correspond to the provisions of SP 47.13330.2012 - Updated version of SNiP 11-02-96 "Engineering surveys for construction", SP 126.13330.2012 - Updated version of SNiP 3.01.03-84 "Geodetic work in construction", GOST 21.508-93 "SPDS: Rules for the implementation of working documentation of general plans for enterprises, structures and civil and housing projects".
Digital maps, general plans, large-scale plans of the territories of enterprises, engineering survey materials, graphic and text design documents, digital models of buildings and constructions, and other digital information about the terrain and construction conditions are placed for collective use on the GIS Server, providing remote access to data with differentiation user rights. A set of GIS "Panorama" and GIS Server software implements end-to-end technology with automatic updating of the repeating graphic data in various drawings, schemes and plans. Centralized storage of spatial data on the server allows you efficiently and easily to manage changes in the project and operational documentation. When you make a specific change to a project, it is immediately displayed in all views: on plans of floors, facade or sections.

In GIS "Panorama" version 12 the tools of 3D-modelling and preparation of cadastral documents are expanded
In KB "Panorama" the GIS "Panorama" version 12.4.5 is developed. In the new version, the support of the local SQLite database is expanded for displaying the matrix data about terrain and for performing all kinds of calculation tasks related to heights (construction of profiles, visibility zones, estimation of excess, calculation of ground volume, 3D modeling and other tasks).
The program for loading and displaying the cloud of points (LAS) has been improved. Open binary format LAS is intended for storaging the records of points obtained by means of LIDAR locators (light detection and ranging) - the laser locators used for sounding of the sea and terrestrial surface. Loading of a cloud of points from files of LAS format of large volume is accelerated. At loading a cloud of points from the LAS format, the colors of the original points used for 2D and 3D-display are saved. One of such types of data is the dense digital model of a surface created by software PHOTOMOD DenseDSM of the Racurs company. The model, calculated on the basis of many kinds of input data by the method SGM (Semi-Global Matching), simplifies the creation of three-dimensional urban high-resolution models and can be downloaded into the GIS "Panorama" for mapping, vectorization, building a profile and execution of other computational tasks.
There is added a support for zip archives, encrypted by a user password, at performing the operations of opening the data sets (vector maps, images, matrices) and updating the open data. If the zip archive is encrypted, the user will be prompted to enter a password to access the data.
The task for Export of vector data to formats DBF, XLS, TXT, CSV, HTM is refined. For saving the map's object characteristics the LENGTH and the AREA the choice of a unit of measure is expanded. In addition to meters and kilometers for calculating the length, millimeters on the map can be used, to calculate the area of the object - hectares. Established in dialog the units of measure of length and the area are remembered and restored at the subsequent starts of the task.
New property "Save time and date of object update" is added in the dialog of creating a new map. If the map is created with the specified property, then into each object, when creating and editing, service semantics are automatically recorded with the date and time of the performed operation and with the name of the operator that performed the operation.
Support of the pseudo-conical equal-projection of Bonn (EPSG:9827) is added. The new projection can be selected for maps of the Geographical type.
The new version of the program and the documentation are available for download in the Download section.

Developer kit for GIS "Panorama" 12 demonstrates embedding into GIS of application tasks developed in Visual Studio C ++

In the KB "Panorama" the SDK for the GIS "Panorama" 12 was updated. The kit includes an example of an application task developed on MAPAPI and PANAPI interfaces in the Visual Studio C ++ environment. The MAPAPI interface provides direct processing of vector maps and remote sensing data, and the PANAPI interface - the interactive interaction tools. The PANAPI interface is based on the use of three kinds of control objects: the digital map window, the application task, the handler of a current command (one of the interactive modes of the task). The processed data can be located in local data sets or on the GIS Server, including in spatial databases managed by the DBMS. The implementation of applications on the x64 platform provides processing of spatial data of any size and increases the speed of work due to the possibility of multithreaded data processing. The developer kit and documentation are available on the Download page.

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