Subsurface Mapping

The company offers ground penetrating radar (GPR) discovery and scanning of subsurface networks using GPR system “Zond-12e”. GPR discovery and scanning of subsurface networks and equipment is an interesting and too specific activity, which is based on geophysical methods for recognition of subsurface objects. The GPR emits impulses and receives signals, reflected from the border of the environment being explored. Applications:
  • discovery and recognition of metal and non-metal goods, cabels, pipes etc.;
  • determination of depth of various mineral sources;
  • forensics;
  • archeological problems;
  • determination of depth of sub-terranean waters;
  • determination of soil polution;
  • profiling the bottoms of rivers and reservoirs;
  • locating burried industrial wastes;
  • locating unauthorized inclusions to pipelines;
  • other similar tasks.


Our company owns an integrated geodesy system TRIMBLE GNSS R8 VRS ROVER - TRIMBLE S6 TOTAL STATION ROBOTIC ROVER. The system combines top technologies and provides several advantages during the work of professional surveyors. The company has a license from Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre Agency and performs the whole set of cadastral activities:
  • creating cadastral maps and registers;
  • creating specialized cadastral map;
  • projecs for cadastral map changes;
  • building measurement and certification according to art. 54, Law of cadaster and property register.
The company is experienced in following building activities:
  • tracing property boundaries;
  • tracing buildings;
  • calculation of cut and fill volumes;
  • tracing roads and railroads.

Geoinformation Technologies

Geodetect Ltd. has developed a technology for building geoportals. A geoportal can manipulate spatial data by changing their scale, position, size and contents. Point objects can be created, deleted and moved. Data search and filtration can also be done. Possible search modes are by name, by area, by address, and search for crossroads.
It is possible to measure distances, to define user sections, to prepare customer reports from DB table data, to save the maps in files and print them.
The user can set the background, brightness/contrast, zoom window, layers visibility, tools/tool panels etc. In order to protect the information, the software applies some technologies for user authentication. The picture above shows a geoportal of the city center of Pleven. It contains an orthophoto image with pixel size = 7 cm, a CAD file and a 3D model of Mausoleum-Ossuary “St. George the Winner”, created after laser scanning. These materials were created by Geocad-93.

Photogrammetry department has 12 workstations, 7 of which are equipped with stereomonitors and PHOTOMOD software. All the licenses are floating, which allows multi user access and distributed processing. We can process both aerial and satellite imagery. We offer:
  • aerial triangulation;
  • digital modeling;
  • digital elevation modeling;
  • ortho photo mapping;
  • creating and updating large scale topographic maps.

To satisfy the needs of architectural works, conservation and restoration of cultural objects and using ground photogrammetry we offer:
  • facade plans;
  • 3-D building models (interior and exterior).
Geodetect owns unmanned aerial vehicles – one is Swinglet CAM made by the Swiss company „SenseFly”. Swinglet CAM is an innovative mini plane, which offers 12 MPix camera with focal distance of 24 mm. This produces images with pixel size 2 cm. on the ground surface (flying height = 50 m.).
Maximum elevation is 1500 m., which corresponds to 60 cm. pixel size. Entirely equipped, Swinglet CAM weighs only 0.5 kg. It is powered by lithium-ion batteries. One battery gives you a flight endurance of approximately 30 minutes. Depending on the flight height different area can be covered. A 140 m. high flight provides a 5 cm. pixel size on 1.5 sq.km. area. A 840 m. high flight provides a 30 cm. pixel size on 10 sq.km. area; Swinglet CAM has various applications:
  • Aerial photography – vertical and perspective images;
  • Photogrammetry and mapping - mosaics, ortho photo, DEM;
  • Infrastructure and land management - quality control and record of the process of constructing infrastructural projects, monitoring of bridges and other facilities;
  • Agriculture and forestry - survey and record crop condition, legal and illegal logging, forest management;
  • Emergency and risk monitoring – exploring areas of drought and flooding, earthquakes, fires, industrial accidents;
  • Urban planning - surveillance of illegal constructions, dumpsites, etc.;
  • Archeology;
  • Power and oil/gas networks monitoring;
  • Management of natural and nature parks, protected areas, wild life surveillance.


Geodetect Ltd. produces large scale digital maps in 1:5000 and 1:10000 scales, which comply with the contemporary standards and technologies. Creation of these products is based on modern remote sensing technologies, topogeodetic methods and some additional information sources.
Map details and relief precision satisfy the requirements, stated by the national legislation, EU and international practices. Geodetect Ltd. has built a digital classifier, which is the foundation of information support. Digital large scale maps satisfy the requirements of all international standards and practices and entirely correspond to the EU directive for spatial data infrastructure (INSPIRE) as well as ISO 19100 series of standards. In order to make the spatial data infrastructure independent from software, hardware equipment and technologies, large scale maps are produced using an uniform classifier and unified requirements to the metadata contents. Standard tools for data transfer (using GML) are provided, too.
There’s a new design for digital large scale maps. It meets national requirements and supports Bulgarian geodetic system (BGS) 2005. Leading technologies we use provide high quality map products and significantly decrease the price and time for their production and update.

Agriculture Technologies

Geodetect Ltd. provides agriculture GIS solutions based on the complex of geoinformation systems, developed by KB "Panorama". The complex contains GIS "Panorama AGRO", "Panorama AUTO" and "Panorama Agriculture". The complex is aimed to solve a wide range of agriculture tasks. Activities such as vehicle monitoring, keeping registry for land history, technological planning and analysis are not the only tasks it can perform. It can connect to open spatial datasources - satellite imagery with various resolutions as well as meteodata, vegetation coverage, fire risk, traffic info etc. Combined with operative information for vehicle movement and crop status, this additional background data supports decision-making by owners, investors and insurers. The estimation of fertilizer doses helps in building a fertilization system using "Panorama AGRO" or "Panorama Agriculture". Integration with other KB "Panorama" products such as GIS WebServer AGRO, GIS Server, GIS WebServer, GIS WebService and GIS WebFeatureService makes it possible to build corporate Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system. For example, GIS WebServer AGRO can provide web access to spatial and attribute information managed by "Panorama AGRO" and "Panorama Agriculture".
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